Was tinkering around in python, and made this simple animation of a spinning cube :cel_laugheline:

( The framerate is kinda slow, my pc can't record properly )

Here's the code if anyone is interested :

A really cozy night for me, have a good week-end everyone :kirby_cook: :kirby_happy:

Working on a simple dungeon generator for one of my games :cel_laugheline:

Just bought a whole bunch of vegetarian instant noodles, they're really good with just one or two sliced carrots and some tofu added :bongo_cat:

Found in PaperMC server's EULA

Guess Tacos are my favorite food now

J'ai fait quelques particules pour un de mes jeux, chuis plutôt content de ce que ca donne :blobcat:

I made some particles for one of my games using @DavitMasia 's Pixel FX Designer ( great tool btw :isaac: ). I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :blobcat:

Mail automatique, ils ont prit grand soin d'optimiser leur site avec Microsoft IE en tête :p

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